Confused of Buckinghamshire

conf-artHow is it possible to make any sense of the writings of the financial press? It is to be expected that different commentators will have different views especially when they look at the same situation but from different political and economic perspectives. It is understood that you must make allowances for all of this when you have to make up your own mind about where you might place your investments to improve your future prosperity. However what do you do when these pundits mostly agree? Do you follow their lead or do you take the opposite view?

About a year ago, when gold bullion prices were around 1900 dollars an ounce it was universally agreed that the price would continue to rise and therefore you ought to be adding more gold investments to your portfolio. It subsequently fell to 1130 dollars. More recently the financial criers declared that the value of sterling would fall relative to the US dollar. In fact it has strengthened. In a similar fashion the Japan Nikkei 250 was destined to regain its former glories as it headed up towards 20,000, but in fact it has fallen back. What are we to make of the statements from the government that the UK economy is heading back towards easy street whilst on the other hand the reverse is being stated by the BBC and the labour opposition. (By the way this is a definite case of where two Eds are not better than one)

Investors have every reason to be bewildered. Speaking for myself I am fast reaching the state where on the left hand side of my brain there is nothing right and on the right hand side there is nothing left! At the end of the day the only thing that makes sense to me is to fall back on accurate unbiased facts and numbers that are current which leaves you with a trend to follow. So – be a momentum investor and follow the Saltydog numbers. You will get a two month free trial so what do you have to lose?

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