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The comprehensive Saltydog Members’ Guide: “How To Beat The Market Using Trend Investing”, giving you all the principles and rules of successful trend investing, using our system.


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Our “Getting Started” guide, explaining practical details about brokers, platforms, fund supermarkets, types of funds, and the costs involved.

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Access to the unique Saltydog App, updated weekly – enabling you to pick out the winning and losing trends in the market at any time, along with the very best sectors and funds to take advantage of them.


4. Saltydog Portfolios

The details of our two demonstration portfolios – the ‘Tugboat’ and the ‘Ocean Liner’ – including our current recommended funds, so that it’s simple for you to copy what we do and to replicate our performance.


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Our monthly Saltydog digital newsletter, showing the monthly trends in the market, plus analysis of financial news, additional trend investing information and general guidance on improving your investment performance


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Two weekly emails from me, every Wednesday morning and evening. My morning email gives you an overview of the latest weekly data and my view of the market trends. In the evening email I explain the changes I’m making to the two demonstration portfolios – which you can then copy as you wish.

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It's easy to understand and lets you know the sectors which are doing well at present. I'm up 25% in 18 months… It's worth every penny.

Beautifully simple to follow. About 9% increase over the last 12 months.