Here’s what investors who use the Saltydog system say:

About the gains they’ve made…

It's easy to understand and lets you know the sectors which are doing well at present. I'm up 25% in 18 months… It's worth every penny.

Beautifully simple to follow. About 9% increase over the last 12 months.

It's easy to follow and I'm gaining in confidence. My initial investment has grown 30% in under 3 years. Delighted.

33% in 3yrs since subscribing.

Since October 2010 I have made an annualised 9.69%... I base decisions on the data used in Saltydog, which is very good.

[I] like the fact that the work is done for me re. trend analysis of performance. Returns in three full years: 16% (2013), 7.5% (2014) and 10.5% (2015).

About 25% in 3 years. It clearly beats other 'systems'.

9% over the past 12 months... Very respectable!

Trending to around 12% annualised, even with all the trauma of the past few months.

I like the concise structure of how funds performance is measured and displayed. Performance 2015: 16%.

I have averaged 12% using a blend of my own choices and Saltydog. I find it a thoughtful, professional and productive system that does 'everything it says on the tin’.

About trend investing…

I have long given up trying to understand the stock markets from a fundamentals point of view. There's no obvious correlation and I see it more of a herd mentality. So therefore I like the Salty system… My annualised return since I started is 8.5% .

Value investing, which I had been trying to apply, is not for one in his late 70s. You have to stomach long periods when key holdings are deeply under water. Back the horse that IS running fast, not one that just might run fast… In 2015 I made 8.8%.

I like being able to quickly react to changes in the market. My other investments which are supposed to be actively managed by an IFA hardly seem to change from one year to the next and I keep being told "it's for the long term", which seems lazy to me.

The advice makes sense. The whole idea makes sense... I made 8.5% in 2015 which is no mean feat and largely thanks to you pointing me towards funds that I had no idea existed.

Excellent service... Very impressed with downside protection… A perfect foil to ‘buy and hold’ of the mainstream press.

About using the Saltydog system…

Simple, easy to use system. Very pleased.

Very simple to follow, has given me an 8% return annually. Allows me to draw a better income from my pension than otherwise.

Easy to follow, consistently performs. Made about 7-8% in the last year.

I feel safe and in full control using your advice. No unnecessary risk taken. Easy to understand and simple to follow.

The system is easy to use and update. I have used it successfully over the past two years making 15% and 7%.

I love the fact that it gives me the confidence to invest my own money with sensible guidance plus the information to enable me to make rational decisions.

I haven’t had good experiences with FAs, so you’re a godsend. 22.85% over 3.5 years.

Before using Saltydog I had used a couple of IFA’s over about a 10 year period and never really felt they had my best interests at heart. They were very good at choosing investments initially and sending me an annual statement but were very bad at responding to market conditions and reducing holdings when it was obvious that it would be a sensible to do so.

As I’m retired my overriding objective is to protect our savings as our income in retirement isn’t sufficient to replace any large losses. Having said that we hope to be around for the next 30 years to enjoy our savings so I accept some risk is necessary – hence about 45% of our savings are invested.

Unfortunately I don’t feel I have the knowledge or time to invest in individual shares, am wary of Tracker Funds and before using Saltydog had just been investing in a selection of funds and Investment Trusts with mixed success.

When I started using Saltydog I was very cautious and only invested a small amount, but the more I followed your model portfolios the more confident I became in the your approach.

I think the markets over the next few years are going to be difficult and using Saltydog in these conditions is an approach that suits my temperament – it definitely makes me feel more in control.

I have looked at other portfolios (and systems) but a lot of these invest in shares and I would be investing in something that I didn’t truly understand. I know some of these portfolios may give better returns and if I was 30 years younger may very well follow some of them, but my main objective now has to be capital protection.

My returns have been generally similar to the Saltydog Tugboat and Ocean Liner portfolios which I follow (and which I have been very happy with).