How trend investing

saved our members from the worst stock market crash in 30 years

On 12th March 2020, ‘Red Thursday’, when Bloomberg terminals around the world turned crimson, we at Saltydog didn’t have to panic. The Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered its worst one-day points loss ever and markets around the world were in freefall. The spread of the coronavirus and the collapse of the oil price had led to a massive sell-off, wiping trillions of dollars off the value of companies around the world.

In our demonstration portfolios we had already reduced our exposure to the equity markets to zero.

A few words about SaltyDog

SaltyDog investor is different

Simply put, the Saltydog system is a proven set of algorithms and methodology that crunches the vast amounts of UK fund data and presents it in a way that allows private investors to take advantage of trend investing.

Saltydog is a subscription service that provides unique software, reports and information that ranks over 20k UK funds and allows you to find which funds and sectors are on the up and which are retracting.

Our mission is to democratise investment data so that the average investor can understand the relative performance of their pensions and investments.

More than this our mission is to encourage investors to take an active interest and to educate that you do not have to languish in poor performing funds.

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