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First off, the Saltydog system is based upon investing in funds, not purchasing individual company shares.

It is a proven set of algorithms and methodology that crunches the vast amounts of UK fund data and presents it in a way that allows private investors to take advantage of trend investing. Enjoy rising trends, avoid the big downturns and potentially out-perform the FTSE.

It's based on a monthly subscription model that provides access to our Saltydog Members App and printed information on over 20k UK funds and allows you to find which funds and sectors are on the up and which are retracting. You make the trades yourself outside of Saltydog and always keep in control of your investments.

Each week, we update all the Saltydog data. These numbers and charts – all presented in a very clear, user-friendly format - show the best-performing funds in each sector. You pick out the trends which look most promising and adjust your portfolio accordingly.

And don’t worry, you’re not on your own! Every week we also provide you (by email) with an in-depth commentary on the markets and review the trends which we think look most interesting. So you can use our ideas and guidance to help you make a decision.

Not only that, we also have a Saltydog demonstration portfolio which we update each week, to show the Saltydog principles at work. This means you get to see how we, as experienced users of the system, apply our trend investing rules and interpret all the data.

In addition, you will also receive a monthly newsletter with an option to receive it printed and sent through the post. This gives further guidance and reviews the market and sector trends.

As you’ve seen from the comments by Saltydog members, using our trend investing system really isn’t hard. It’s easy. And it’s satisfying and enjoyable.

This is what the weekly schedule looks like:

  • Every Wednesday we release the latest update of the Saltydog data on our app and website. The tables and charts show all the best-performing sectors of the market, and the best-performing funds within those sectors.
  • You can log on to the Saltydog app or website and review all the new data and charts yourself.
  • Later on Wednesday morning – usually between 11.00 – 11.30am – our Managing Director, Richard Webb, sends you an email giving you our overview of the market situation and how things have changed over the past week.
  • On Wednesday evening – between 6.00–7.30pm – Richard sends you a further email which describes any changes (buys or sells) we are making to our demonstration portfolios, along with an in-depth explanation of the reasons why. If you wish, you can simply follow the changes that we make, and – if you have an online broker account – you can place your buy and sell orders right away, ready to be executed the following day.
Free Trial

The Saltydog app: clear, colourful and easy to read

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On top of this, if you have any questions whatsoever about the system or how you should use it, our Managing Director, Richard, is always here to help.  Just send him an email, and he’ll do his utmost to reply as quickly as possible.

And if you decide to try out the Saltydog system you’ll also receive:

  • The comprehensive Saltydog Members’ Guide, “How To Beat The Market Using Trend Investing” – explaining all the principles, rules and guidelines for spotting trends and using the Saltydog data to boost your investment returns.
  • Our Getting Started” guideThis gives you practical details about the best brokers to use for buying and selling funds, with the most cost-effective services – so that you can set yourself up to use the Saltydog system quickly and easily.
  • The monthly Saltydog newsletter.  In the monthly digital newsletter we give you additional guidance, helping you to spot the best sector trends, and providing you with advice on different aspects of successful trend investing.

In other words, we provide everything you need to become an extremely successful trend investor… joining the other private investors who are already using Saltydog to achieve market-beating gains.

When you try our free trial, you'll receive our in-depth handbook, “How to beat the market using trend investing”, which reveals everything you need to use the Saltydog system effectively and profitably for yourself.

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Trend investing: why we use funds

As we mentioned earlier, the Saltydog system is based upon investing in funds, not purchasing individual company shares.

The reason for this is very simple: when Douglas started investing it was using funds, and we developed the system from there.

But there are three definite advantages of funds:

  • *They provide exposure to all markets and all sectors across the globe – allowing us to take advantage of uptrends wherever they occur.
  • *They spread your risk across a range of different companies within one sector, meaning that your portfolio isn’t dramatically affected if one particular company gets into trouble.
  • *You get smart people with research teams doing stock picking for you, meaning that you don’t have to be an expert in individual companies.

Now some investors only want to pick individual company shares.  That’s fine, but it’s not what the Saltydog system is about.

Other investors object to the large salaries that fund managers get paid, or are concerned about the costs of buying and selling funds.

To be honest, neither of those objections really concern us.

Of course we want to keep our costs down.  As I said earlier, you can buy and sell as many funds as you like by paying your broker a reasonable annual management charge.

But ultimately we’re looking at the overall return our investments are making.


“How to beat the market using trend investing”

Our free, in-depth guide to trend investing covers:

  • How to spot profitable trends
  • When to buy and sell for consistent gains
  • How to choose the best sectors & funds
  • Avoiding market downturns and crashes, and
  • The method behind my market-beating performance, and how you could match it yourself.

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