The Enema Within

Normally one confronts an enema with a certain amount of fear and trepidation accompanied by an overwhelming desire to stay close to the porcelain. Almost certainly you will be under taking this action because of a deeper under lying medical problem. This is a “clear-out” with a purpose and you have confidence that at the end of this effrontery the medical profession is competent to improve your health and well being. Therefore you put up with it and wait for better times.

I view the financial “Austerity Measures” at present being inflicted on the country in much the same light. They are necessary to clear- out the bad practices and the monstrous growth in debt and credit that has become the norm. So really I should be prepared to grin and bear it until the skies over Dover become clear again. But wait a minute this treatment is not being administered by a Churchillian figure or the medical profession. Rather it is being delivered by inexperienced politicians, few of whom have had a job in the real world and they in turn are relying on Bankers, FTSE 100 Industrialists, the Legal profession and Local Authority Bigwigs to deliver these savings and changes. These are the same people that by and large would appear to have one aspiration and that is to milk the system, the tax-payer and the shareholders for their own benefit. To add insult to injury many of these people have already fulfilled the “Peter Principle” and have been promoted to their level of incompetence.

The enema is now being administered to the population and the pain is being inflicted but it is not being accompanied by the clear out and the financial correction we have been promised. I certainly do not have an answer to this problem which would seem to me to require a clear-out of these same people that are dealing out the medicine and perhaps replace them with a benevolent Dictator whilst the changes are completed. Would we be allowed to suspend democracy for a few years is the question? Probably not.

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